Traveling Gift Box

Gift box

Effect: The magician has a Gift Box which he is trying to hide. Knowing his top hat is not a good place to hide it he decides to hide it in a magic cabinet. After some by-play of apparently sliding the Gift Box from one side of the cabinet to the other while opening and closing the doors….the audience thinks they are not fooled. But when all of the cabinet doors are opened the Gift Box is gone. It magically appears back in the top hat. The Gift Box is opened to reveal the gift.

Yes, it’s time to up date the classic Sucker Die Box. Instead of a Die you have a box with a gift inside of it to hide. Today’s audience’s are not as familiar with Die as in years past.

Plus, the Gift Box Cabinet is far more versatile as it allows you to add a gift inside of the box which makes this effect adaptable to any story line or routine.

The Gift Box is 3 1/2 square. The inside opening of the Gift Box is 2 3/4 inch square. The cabinet is approximately 4 1/2 X 5 1/2 X 9 inches in size.

Watch the introductory video:

The retail price is $117.00

Contact me directly if you are interested in making a purchase.  We now have them in stock ready to ship to you….

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